Who are we?

Who are we?

Who are we?

Cheryl and I met through work back in 2003. Seems like a lifetime ago and in many ways it was – she was post-marriage but pre-kids and I was single (and trying to mingle). 

From colleagues we became firm friends and eventually, business partners. 

We are both half-Australian by heritage. Cheryl was born in Singapore, moved to Sydney then relocated to Hong Kong on account of her job with an Australian listed company.  Here she met her husband and established roots, going on to have two daughters.

I was born in this amazing city, to an Australian father posted here for work and a Chinese mother who was born in Burma. I grew up in HK until university then went to Deakin in Geelong (Go Cats!) before returning to Hong Kong in the early ‘90s.

Hong Kong is the place we call home.

Between the two of us we have worked across floristry, real estate, design, construction, investment, events, financial publishing, and fashion (not in this order) across the private and public sectors.  It’s fair to say we’ve seen, learned, and done a few things in our professional journeys!

Qurious is the second business we have co-founded and the first in e-commerce (visit www.thelandingpad.com.hk to know more about our other skillset) and we are fairly confident there are a few more entrepreneurial ventures in us yet…

We genuinely love the work we do and have high expectations of ourselves!

(here’s a photo of us that didn’t make it onto the website – and yes, generally there is a lot of hands-on-hips and laughter.)