Curious. Creative. Curated.

2020 – a challenging year on multiple levels – and we found ourselves and those around us in need of some good vibes. 

Qurious is our first step towards building a community that encompasses positivity, opportunity, connection, and experience for everyone involved. We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey of discovery. 

We have been colleagues, friends and business partners for years. Together we’ve travelled to various corners of the world – mostly for work and sometimes for leisure.  Throughout our travels we’ve seen some breathtaking sights, met some inspiring people and discovered some great designers and their products.  We often talked about curating a collection of our favourite designer items to showcase here in Hong Kong, but talk is all we ever did.

In the face of uncertainty we decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue our passion. Qurious is our leap of faith!

Our mission is to find and connect with independent designers and shine a light on their amazing creations by bringing them to seekers of creativity and inspiration in Hong Kong.

We curate collections of artisanal products, lovingly designed and made in small batches by designer-owned business overseas, each of which tells a story of the journey from idea to completion - each one unique and interesting.

Be Qurious!

Cheryl and Rowena