Mushman Pin and Stamp Washi Tape Set

HKD 180.00

Meet Mushman! This mushroom toadstool fungi fun guy friend can’t wait to adorn your lapel or backpack. Cuteness personified!

This winning combo consists of one roll of cute Mushman themed stamp washi tape and a Mushman enamel pin.

The washi tape “stamps” have perforations, so you can either use the as regular tape, AND/OR tear/snip off the individual "stamps" to use as decorative stickers (unfortunately they can't be used to pay for your letters or postcards!)


Washi tape 25mm H x 5m L in a recyclable card box (each "stamp" measures 25mm x 34mm) 

Pin dimensions 35mm x 35mm

Extra details:

1 roll of washi tape (Japanese style printed paper masking tape) featuring 10 stamp designs on repeat. 

1 white and red hard enamel pin with semi shiny metal finish. This pin has two pin backs held in place with secure rubber backings for extra security and stability.

Type: Stationery