QPI: Diffuser

QPI: Diffuser

They say smell is the most closely linked to memory of all the five senses - a whiff of cologne or perfume on a stranger in the street is enough to evoke memories of ex-partners and a very specific time in our lives. 

Scents are also becoming increasingly popular interior features, either to masquerade less-than-pleasant smells or to create an atmosphere.

Modern and minimalist in design, L’Ascari’s range of diffusers are the perfect addition to any room in any sized home.  Hand blended and hand poured in small batches, the alcohol-free aroma oil blends are housed in translucent brown bottles, each one accompanied by 10 black reeds.

So in love are we, here at Qurious HQ, with these diffusers that we have one constantly on the go, enjoying the calming aroma in our work and retail space. We’re not the only fans it seems - customers have been raving about the subtle, yet effective scents and the simple yet bold interior statements these bottles make when on display.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s a picture of a bottle in action in a happy customer’s home!