Qurious Customer Favourites

Qurious Customer Favourites

We’ve been in business for about five months now – yay for us!

A huge shout out to YOU, our lovely customers and friends for supporting Qurious.  A few people have asked us about the best-selling item(s) so far and here’s what we can tell you:

101 Collective Nouns

You love a bit of knowledge! 

A personal favourite of ours (we have gifted this book to children and adults alike!) this gorgeously illustrated, painstakingly researched and grammatically correct book tells you the collective nouns of 101 creatures (insects, animals, fish). 

We sold out of this gem quite early on but have now restocked so get yours before we run out again!

Eye Pillows/ Wheatbags

You love a little pampering!

Once we went live online the Aussies in Hong Kong came out of the woodwork and sought us out for the range of eye pillows and wheatbags!  Made from Australian wheat and lavender or rose, the eye pillows are the perfect end-of-a-long-day treat taken straight from the freezer and laid across tired eyes that have stared into zoom calls for far too many hours.

The wheatbags are a great comfort in the cooler months or you know, that time of the month every month, to soothe a back ache, belly cramp and neck and shoulder stiffness.

Solid Cologne

You love a good smell!

I confess, my “imagine your favourite James Bond” story has helped shift quite a few of the solid colognes from the Qurious shelf into your shopping carts.  Housed in a clean and modern tin the solid colognes are fuss-free and easy to cart around. Fellas can pop one in their gym bags, backpacks (manbags, we don't judge) or just leave them casually, yet stylishly, displayed on the bathroom counter-top. 

A few of the ladies (including me) have bought them for self-use, preferring the deeper musky scent of a cologne.