QPI - Dinosaur Brooch

QPI - Dinosaur Brooch

QPI - Dinosaur Brooch

The weather is decidedly wintery now in Hong Kong as the temperatures plummet and, more importantly, the humidity falls to scaly-snakeskin lows. 

I find myself reaching for a jumper or sweatshirt on a daily basis, a practice that makes me look like I'm wearing the same outfit day after day, after day... Add to this the fact that I am a  master of monotones, most of my clothing is black, grey or white, and a boring, monotonous trend emerges. 

A saving grace, I have learned, is an accessory to break through the depths of murkiness and add an element of creativity and (often) colour. 

Enter the dinosaur brooch! 

A new acquisition and firm favourite to add a little whimsy and relieve the boredom of a plain grey sweatshirt, elevating my look from thoughtless to “kinda groovy”.

Next time you feel your outfit is a little plain and boring, add a brooch for an instant touch of "ha, look at that groove-ster!"

*this image absolutely photoshopped to make me look better, but is a true reflection of how good looking the dinosaur brooch actually is.